Yesterday I posted an image to both my personal Facebook page and to my Business Facebook page. Within a half hour, I received a 30 day ban for showing a female nipple.

There are 2 interesting things to this ban that I would like to mention. Firstly, the image in question did not expose any nipples. I deliberately edited them out to abide by Facebook rules.

Apart from people reporting images, Facebook uses robots to go searching for what  it believes to be inappropriate content. Unfortunately, when this happens Facebook becomes faceless, as there is no real way to dispute it.

As you can see from the image below, (it is the exact same one I posted to Facebook), no nipples are seen

_DSC9905FB friendly

What happens next from Facebook is even more absurd. Just before a was banned, Facebook sent me a notification on my business page where I had posted the exact same photograph. To my surprise I was informed that this post was performing better and that for a fee, they would be happy to promote it for me. In fact, I have since received another message from Facebook since the ban was imposed still offering to promote it for me. Go figure!!


It appears that if a piece of sculpture or a painting or drawing is posted, then Facebook seems to turn a blind eye, however, if a piece of photographic artwork is shown, Facebook takes it upon itself to deem what is acceptable art and what is not. Which leads me to the question, are photographic artists being discriminated against and if so, Why?